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Most of us picture a New Year’s party at with all the favorite people with sparkling decorations, candles, sumptuous food, where guests keep taking photos, keep dancing to crazy, loud noisemakers, and enjoy mouthwatering appetizers and raise toasts with champagne and gorge on midnight supper. This has been a relatable scenario for many and most of us have thought that’s how one should be spending the first day of every New Year. Well, that is not mandatory. And here’s new ways of spending the happy New Year 2017. Wishing you a Happy New Year


Preparing for Bonfire Banter is an epic idea:

Remember all those days back from the childhood years when most of us were excited about the bonfires at the school picnics? How about recreating all such moments with a real bonfire with the loved ones? This idea may seem to be a traditional or old school but as one snuggles around the fire, they can find themselves easily getting lost in some happy memories, and sharing anecdotes. The enthusiastic chefs are always around to put yummy barbecues together to make the New Year’s night absolutely picture perfect.Wishing you a Happy New Year


Plan for a Cook-a-thon: Tired of waiting endlessly on the New Year’s Day and dying a little, every time on seeing the expensive rates at those finest restaurants? How about bringing an end to it? Yes, by planning up a cook-a-thon. All one has to do is invite the family members and friends to pitch in to cook for the happy New Year 2017 fête. It is going to be grand. If you have been thinking you can only make all the favorite dishes, and then you are incorrect, you get to spend quality time bonding with all those people you did not get time to properly catch up with during the hectic previous year. The food cooked with effort will seem to be tastier. And, for the foodies and the fun loving souls out there, there’s no better way of celebrating the first day of the year than this.

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2017


Host a one-of-a-kind Pajama Party: Well, yet another way of celebrating the happy new year 2017, is by leaving the hair down, bringing out the comfiest pair of favorite PJ’s and calling up old and best buddies for a super slumber party. Needless to state again, do arrange for ample munchies and fun board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble. And, as no party is fun without music, arrange for great music or plan for a karaoke and groove to a pajama party group dance!


Wishing a Happy New Year 2017 

There are many more new and fun ways of celebrating happy new year 2017 than those mentioned above. For example, the New Year indicates the time to make a quick and unplanned vacation. Be crazy and impulsive, pick a place, and pack the bags to set out for a destination you had been thinking of or have never thought of, for that much awaited refreshing start for the days to come. The first day of the year ought to be celebrated in one’s own special way. So, go ahead, plan yours.

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