How to Celebrate Happy New Year 2017

How to Celebrate Happy New Year 2017

How to Celebrate Happy New Year 2017 – New Year is special for everyone, most of us still believe that the first day of the year indicates how we are about to spend the rest of the year. The first day is meant to be celebrated in each and every way possible. But, many of us find ourselves tired of spending all the New Year ’s Day partying hard, waking up with bad hangovers, making new resolutions that we fail to keep. Most of us have at some point thought of doing some new things of celebrating the New Year. Thus, here are some ideas about new ways of celebrating happy New Year 2017.

happy new year 2017 celebration

Happy New Year 2017 Celebrate with Family:

In several parts in the world, a new year indicates a time for commemorating the past just as much as the near future. In Korea (south), for instance, the families gather and enjoy one another’s company throughout the New Year’s first day. In many places, people wear traditional dresses, and start off by performing rites and greetings in order to pay respect to their ancestral spirits. It is that time of the year when everyone unwinds and catches up with their family members to share untold stories, play games and indulge in delicious food. Be it some elaborate preparations which obviously go into meals, a new way of celebrating the Happy New Year 2017 would be by catching up with the entire family as one does not get to meet the members throughout the year.

happy new year 2017 celebration

How about a Karaoke?

No party has ever rocked without music! Loud music, fun around family and friends multiply when they try their best to sing out most popular songs or the hardest tracks and thus a karaoke party seems to be a popular option when one is looking for new ways to celebrate the happy New Year 2017. If you have been feeling clueless, simply download a karaoke application, tune in favorite songs! Furthermore, prizes could be arranged for all the brave hearts crooning well! How to Celebrate Happy New Year

Take a Hike: Tired of being in the same old city/country for an entire year and could not manage a relaxing trip? Well, though many would prefer to stick to their families and friends and party on the first day of the year, spending it away from home hiking/trekking through a trail or mountains seems to be a great idea. Especially for those who want to feel more adventurous, planning a camping trip with buddies and making a stop for a weekend would create some golden memories. And, as travel bloggers have always put it, there is no better way than starting the New Year amidst nature and doing what you love to do.

happy new year 2017 celebration

How to Celebrate Happy New Year

There are many other ways of celebrating the happy New Year 2017, for instance movie buffs could call some friends over, arrange for popcorn and pizza and catch all those movies they couldn’t catch through the last year or re-watching an old favorite movie. However, one could always spare thoughts for those who don’t get to celebrate New Year the way we do. Visiting an orphanage or an old age home, and spending quality time with the members there would be a wonderful start to the New Year.

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